Reports Show Nova Scotia Pays Some Of The Highest Mobile Data Prices In The World – CRTC Looking To Lower Them By 25%

Nova Scotians have a desire to be connected to the world at all times. Whether it’s for work or play, mobile connectivity is almost a necessity these days.

When it comes to mobile data rates in Nova Scotia, it’s no secret that they’re expensive. They’re some of the most expensive in Canada according to the latest data from the CRTC.

Now we can say that we actually pay some of the highest prices in the world.

A world-wide mobile data report was released by In it they researched mobile data prices in 228 countries. The final report states that Canada ranks 209th in the world for most affordable mobile data. According to the report, the only countries that pay more are mainly remote island nations and Sub-Saharan African nations.

The report looked at the price of 1 gigabit of data in each country. We looked at the price of 1 gigabit of data in Nova Scotia and the prices are as follows for the major carrier’s discount brands.

Fido (Rogers) – $30
Koodoo (TELUS) – $30
Virgin (Bell) – $28

The Federal Government has started tracking the price of mid-range data packages across Canada. The goal is to reduce prices for Canadians by 25% over 2 years. Quebec leads the country with most affordable data prices and has reached the 25% reduction mark. No other province has reached the milestone yet.

While Nova Scotia hasn’t reached the goal of a 25% reduction in prices yet, we’re all hoping it happens sooner than later.

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