Nova Scotia Moving To Fixed Election Dates – Here’s When The Next Provincial Election Will Be

Legislation introduced today in the Nova Scotia Legislature means Nova Scotia will have fixed provincial election dates as recommended by Elections Nova Scotia.

July 15, 2025 will be the date of the next general election, with future elections to take place on the third Tuesday of July every four years. Nova Scotia joins the rest of the country in having a fixed-date election law.

The province says having a predictable election date may create about $500,000 in operational savings for Elections Nova Scotia. It will also make it easier to attract election workers and secure accessible polling venues more efficiently

“Nova Scotian voters need to have confidence in their electoral system,” said Premier Tim Houston.

“Having a fixed date will mean predictability, transparency and it will limit any perceived advantage by the government to control the timing of the next election. The changes we are proposing will also allow Elections Nova Scotia to better plan for future elections, which can result in significant cost savings.”

The lieutenant-governor still has the constitutional authority to dissolve the legislature at any time on the advice of the premier or if there is a vote of non-confidence in the government in the legislature.

“I am pleased with the introduction of fixed-date election legislation, I support the choice of date and I appreciate the flexibility to choose an alternate date if necessary.” said Richard Temporale, chief electoral officer, Elections Nova Scotia

“This change will bring certainty to Elections Nova Scotia’s planning and budgetary cycles and improve the efficiency of our election readiness efforts.”

The amendments to the elections act also provides the chief electoral officer with authority to choose an alternative date if the legislated election date conflicts with a civic or religious holiday or overlaps with a federal or municipal election. The governor-in-council will be able to order that the election take place on the new date.

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