Nova Scotia Issues Warning As More Portuguese Man O’ War Appear Around Our Shores

Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry has issued a warning to residents and those visiting our picturesque beaches and coastlines that Portuguese man o’ war jellyfish have appeared at Lawrencetown, Queensland and Rissers Beach.

Just this morning the publication snapd Dartmouth posted a photo to social media of a Portuguese man-of-war at Martinique Beach.

The Portuguese man o’ war spottings are spreading along the Atlantic Coast of our province. Martinique Beach wasn’t in the warning from the Province.

snapd on Martinique Beach this morning. There are Portuguese man 'o war jellyfish out there in our waters. As you've…

Posted by snapd Dartmouth on Thursday, August 13, 2020

Use extra caution when visiting beaches and always closely supervise your children as they could confuse the colourful creature for a toy.

If stung by a man o’ war, rinse the wounded area in vinegar to remove any residual stingers or bits of tentacle left on the skin. You should never rub the tentacles off.

These sightings are unusual around Nova Scotia. If you spot a man o’ war, report it to your local Lands & Forestry office.

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