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Nova Scotia Declares State of Emergency

After many Nova Scotians failed to follow direction to isolate or practice social distancing, the Province is issuing a State of Emergency.

There are 28 cases of COVID-19 in Nova Scotia, seven which are new today.

Going forward, citizens can’t gather in groups larger than five.

Fines for individuals found to be disregarding the orders are $1,000 per day and for businesses $7500 per day.

If you feel comfortable engaging someone who is not following the new regulations, find out why they may be out. They may need help that you can lend.  Community support is very important right now.

If you see someone who is in blatant violation of the new regulations, people are encouraged to contact their local police agency or jurisdiction. With their new authority, the law enforcement community will take action. DO NOT call 911 to report people. 911 is for life threatening emergencies only.

Anyone coming into the province that develops symptoms of COVID-19 during their 14 days of self isolation is to call 811 and will now qualify for screening. Before it was only given to those who had traveled internationally.

Nova Scotia’s borders are being tightened. If you have traveled outside of Nova Scotia you will be required to isolate for 14 days upon return. Exceptions are being made for people in essential services who have traveled out of province, not out of country. Including: trucking, child protection, law enforcement and health care providers.

This is effective at 6am March 23, 2020. It applies to people coming in at all entries to the province such as Marine Atlantic Ferries in North Sydney and Bay Ferries in Digby. It includes those landing at Halifax Stanfield Airport and coming across the border with New Brunswick.

Provincial parks are closed and vehicles found there will be considered trespassing and towed.

Only one person should be leaving the house to get groceries and go to the pharmacy.

This is a developing story… please stay tuned.

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