Nova Scotia Couple To Make Their Home A Palace After Big Lottery Win

What began as a casual hobby turned into a life-changing moment for Stephanie and Tyler Frank of Midville Branch, N.S. As occasional lottery players, the couple usually buys a ticket or two every month. However, after a modest $40 win on, they made the fortuitous decision to reinvest their winnings, purchasing three more Lotto Max tickets.

The outcome? A staggering $1-million windfall from one of those tickets, courtesy of Maxmillions.

“It just didn’t seem real when I got the email and there was no dollar amount, so I thought it was a free ticket,” an astonished Tyler shared. “I signed in and didn’t see anything so I went to my messages, and I couldn’t believe it.”

For those unfamiliar, Maxmillions kicks in with additional $1-million prizes when the Lotto Max jackpot escalates to $50 million.

The couple has often daydreamed about what they would do with such a significant amount of money. “We’ve talked about winning many times over the years, just carrying on about what we’d do if we won a million dollars,” Tyler said. “We never thought that it would actually happen.”

Upon realizing their monumental win, both Stephanie and Tyler promptly called their mothers, eager to share the joyous news. Yet, the reality of the situation seemed to elude them. “It almost doesn’t seem real still,” Tyler commented. “I think when we look in the bank and see the million in there, that’s when it will hit us.”

As for their plans, the Franks are intent on using their winnings prudently. Clearing their bills, making home renovations, and ensuring a financially secure future are top priorities. Stephanie noted that they aren’t keen travelers, adding, “We’re home bodies, so we want to make our home our palace.” And it seems the transformation is set to begin soon, with a new roof being first on their list.

For the Franks, it’s evident that the sky’s the limit as they start this new chapter, with endless opportunities to craft their dream home.

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