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Nova Scotia Could See Its First Significant Snowfall Next Week And It Might Cause Traffic Chaos

Some messy winter weather may move into Nova Scotia during the first part of next week bringing with it the first significant snowfall of the season.

As with the previous few years, the first snow of the season has brought traffic nightmares and long commutes home from work. Depending on the timing of the system this could happen again. Motorists would be advised to prepare by switching from all-season tires to winter tires in advance of the system if they haven’t already.

It is early to talk accumulation amounts for particular areas, but as of now areas of northern and eastern mainland Nova Scotia along with Cape Breton are forecast to see the highest amounts. The weather is forecast to be messy for some with a possible mixed bag of weather.

Keep up to date with the forecast over the next few days for the latest as the potential messy weather approaches.

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