Musician Dave Carroll Enters Race For Conservative Nomination In New Federal Riding Of Bedford-Sackville-Preston

Dave Carroll, a public speaker, author and well-known musician from the Sons of Maxwell, has announced his candidacy for the Conservative Party of Canada’s nomination in the newly formed federal riding of Sackville Bedford Preston.

Carroll, who holds a political science degree from Carlton University, has been a lifelong conservative, leaning towards the center. Carroll shared his aspirations and motivations with Pat Healy of The Laker News.

Carroll expressed dissatisfaction with the current government’s performance under Justin Trudeau, citing a lack of effective representation both domestically and internationally. “I think the country’s worse off than before he arrived, and we need a change,” Carroll said.

The date of the new ridings nomination meeting is still pending, but Carroll is actively campaigning against three other potential nominees. He emphasized his respect for his competitors and highlighted the importance of the democratic process. “The riding is in good hands regardless of who wins, but obviously, I believe I can represent this riding really well,” he commented to The Laker News.

Carroll plans to utilize a common-sense approach and aims to bridge the gap between conservatives and moderate liberals. He stressed the need for more respect and less polarization in politics. “There’s too much polarization in the world right now, and I’m coming in with the best of intentions, trying to be a representative for this riding and represent everybody here, and I think there is a way to do that with respect and staying in the middle ground,” he explained to Pat Healy.

VIDEO: Dave Carroll Announces Campaign

When asked about his top priorities for the riding, Carroll said he is in the process of engaging with residents to better understand their concerns and desires. “I’m going to ask pretty much everybody I speak to what they think the priorities are. My job is to bring the best ideas forward,” he stated in his first interview.

Carroll also touched on his fiscal conservatism, which he has practiced throughout his 35-year career with his band. “The only reason we were allowed to do this for 35 years is because we lived within our means,” he noted. This principle, he believes, should be applied to government spending, which he described as “completely off the hook.”

Prospective supporters must purchase a $15 membership to vote in the nomination. Carroll encouraged community members to engage in the process, emphasizing that no further obligations are tied to the membership.

As the nomination meeting approaches, Carroll remains hopeful and focused on gaining support through his platform of respect, practicality, and fiscal responsibility.

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