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Michelin To Hire And Build New Tire In Pictou County

Michelin introduced the world to its next generation winter tire last week and it’s going to be built here. The X-Ice SNOW will be built at its Granton plant in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. Notably, 85% of Michelin’s North American volume for the new X-Ice SNOW will be produced in Pictou County.

“We have made permanent 200 temporary positions at the plant, and will hire a total of 150 new positions to support this project and others at the plant, before the end of 2020,” said Nicolle Vuotto of Michelin North America via email to

Michelin currently employs 3,500 Nova Scotians at it’s three plants across province.

Testing reveals that the new Michelin X-Ice SNOW tire features improved snow performance and braking as compared to its predecessor, stops nearly 3 meters shorter on ice than a leading competitor, and lasts up to one additional winter season than the average of leading competitor tires.

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