Marion Bridge Store Owned By Mattea Roach’s Family Sells $1 Million Lottery Ticket

Joe MacLean of Marion Bridge, N.S. retired in May, but any second thoughts about his decision soon disappeared. Joe purchased a ticket from Church’s Valufoods in Marion Bridge for the June 3 Lotto Max draw. The store was made semi-famous when Mattea Roach, Nova Scotia’s Jeopardy! Super Champ visited. She is the grand-niece of the owners.

“After I was off a week or two, I was questioning if I did the right thing or not,” Joe MacLean
said. “I wondered if things were going to be too tight or not but then I had this good

MacLean won one of the Max Million prizes in the June 3 draw and has picked up his cheque for $1 million from Atlantic Lottery.

“I heard there was a winner, but I still thought there was something wrong with the machine when I checked the ticket at the store,” MacLean said. “Then the attendant was patting me on the shoulders.”

MacLean says he will be be cautious with his winnings but it will make retirement more comfortable and he can share some with family members. He never thought much about travelling before, he is now considering escaping the cold Cape Breton winters to go somewhere warmer.

Church’s Valufoods in Marion Bridge, N.S. will receive a one-percent sellers prize.

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