Major Water Issues At QEII Halifax infirmary Site – Non-Urgent Surgeries Cancelled + Toilets Can’t Flush

We are receiving reports that there is a major issue at the QEII Halifax Infirmary site due to a broken water line resulting in a loss of water to the Halifax Infirmary, Veterans Memorial Building and Abbie J. Lane.

Reports indicate there is currently no water for toilets, hand-washing or drinking water and that all elective and non-urgent surgeries are being cancelled and rescheduled. Nova Scotia Health is working on bringing in drinking water and handwashing/bathroom stations as quickly as possible.

The latest on the situation at QEII Halifax Infirmary Site:

  • All elective and non-urgent surgeries and procedures at the site are being cancelled and rescheduled. 
  • Outpatient blood collection is closed at the Halifax Infirmary for Wednesday, April 3. Patients can present at Bayer’s Road Blood Collection, 7071 Bayers Road Suite 141 at the time of their scheduled appointment or call 902-473- 2074 for a new appointment at a time/location that is convenient. 
  • The emergency department is open but patients without emergency concerns are asked to visit another emergency department or virtual/community access point. Please visit or use the YourHealthNS app for options.
  • Patients with other scheduled appointments today (Wednesday, April 3) will be contacted to relocate, reschedule or offer a virtual option.

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