Made In Nova Scotia Components Launched To Space Aboard NASA’s New James Webb Space Telescope

Made in Nova Scotia components are literally reaching for the stars. They are in space, 1.5 million kilometers from Earth aboard NASA’s new James Webb Space Telescope.

The new space telescope will be able to look much deeper into the universe than the Hubble Space Telescope. It can also view objects up to 100 times more faint than Hubble can.

Wire harnesses made by Halifax’s IMP Group are part of the guidance system found on the new James Webb Space Telescope. They were designed, manufactured and tested here in Nova Scotia.

In exchange for work on the the new space telescope, Canada is guaranteed an allotment of observation time in space.

IMP is no stranger to space and has been a contractor for projects like this in the past. The company has supplied components found on the Canadarm2 which is orbiting earth and servicing the International Space Station.

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