Feds And Province Announce Joint Review Of Nova Scotia Mass Shooting – The Details

Happening Now: Announcing a joint review of the tragedy which occurred April 18 and 19.

Nova Scotians are still feeling the pain of the mass shooting that occurred in our province this past April. Twenty two people died on April 18 and 19 when a 51-year-old gunman went on a shooting rampage. Police shot and killed the shooter in Enfield, outside of Halifax after a long search. 

The federal and provincial governments today announced a joint review into the mass shooting.

Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Bill Blair and Nova Scotia Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mark Furey announced the joint review of the tragedy which occurred April 18 and 19.

A three member independent Review Panel has been appointed to conduct this review and report back on its findings and recommendations. It’s chaired by Michael MacDonald and includes Anne McLellan and Leanne Fitch.

Announcing a Joint Independent Review of the April Tragedy in Nova Scotia

The review will address issues around the perpetrator, police, other law enforcement agencies and the victims and families.

To be reviewed:

  • contributing and contextual factors including the involvement of gender-based and intimate-partner violence;
  • the perpetrator’s access to firearms;
  • police response;
  • police communications with the public, victims, their families, the Alert Ready Program and other law enforcement agencies.

The Review Panel is to do its work guided by restorative principles in order and be attentive to the needs of those most directly affected and harmed.

The interim and final report outlining the findings and recommendations will
be made public.

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