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Last Day For Sobeys Bags, They’re Gone Tomorrow

Many Sobeys shoppers may be grabbing a couple extra bags with their groceries today. Whether it’s for practical use, or to hold onto as a keepsake. The iconic and authentic Sobeys bag is being retired tomorrow by the grocery giant and removed from stores.

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Let’s do #OurPart for future generations. Pledge to use your reusable bags when you shop! Take the pledge at Find it at the link in bio.

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Customers are being encouraged to bring their own reusable bags or they can purchase brown paper bags for 10 cents each.

In Canada and Nova Scotia in particular as Sobeys started in our province, the Sobeys bag has become synonymous with plastic bags. When someone asks you for a Sobeys bag, they’re simply asking for a plastic bag.

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On January 31st, we’re saying goodbye to plastic bags, so remember to bring your reusable ones. Learn more about how we’re doing OurPart™ at the link in bio.

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Atlantic Superstore’s parent company Loblaws hasn’t said if it plans on eliminating plastic bags anytime soon. The federal government has set 2021 as the year they’ll ban single-use plastics.

Prince Edward Island has already banned single-use plastic bags province wide and there are a few cities across the country that have done it or plan on it like Vancouver next year.

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