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It Might Be The End Of Dartmouth’s Palm Trees – It Looks Like They Didn’t Survive The Winter

After surviving some harsh winters, you would think this past winter would have been a breeze for Dartmouth palm trees the Municipality planted a few years back.

“We’re in wait and see mode.” Dartmouth Centre City Councilor Sam Austin told Waterfront Media Hfx. “Both the palm at Sullivan’s and the one at Shubie aren’t in great shape right now.”

Something about this winter’s conditions really didn’t agree with them. We’re hoping they’ll send up new growth. Parks will assess where things are at the end of June and will make a decision then on whether to remove them or not”

Many residents and visitors to the “City of Lakes” had enjoyed the scenery of the southern trees for a number of years, but their time appears to be numbered. Fingers crossed for Dartmouth’s palm trees!

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