International Space Station And Dragon Capsule To Pass Right Over Nova Scotia – Here’s How To Watch

SpaceX’s Dragon capsule has docked with the International Space Station (ISS). This marks the first time that a private company has brought astronauts to the ISS for NASA.

It gets even better! If you want to witness history pass across the night sky, Nova Scotia residents are going to have the perfect view over the next few days with the best opportunity coming up very soon.

On Monday night the space station with the Dragon capsule docked will pass right over Nova Scotia and be visible for about six and a half minutes. It will also be visible Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Monday night, weather depending it will be it’s brightest.

The ISS will be in full view of Nova Scotia as it crosses over middle of our province on Monday night.

On Monday night at 09:15:31 PM Atlantic, the ISS and Dragon will appear 10° above the horizon in the west north-west and transition the Nova Scotia sky to it’s highest point of 80° at 09:18:50 PM in the south south-west sky. It will leave view in the south-east at 09:22:08 PM.

Look up, look way up Monday night as three American astronauts and two Russian cosmonauts cross the Nova Scotia sky.

Here is the view from the space station as it passed over Nova Scotia in April.

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