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If You Were Thinking Of Having A Backyard Or Campfire, Check First – Banned In Most Of Nova Scotia

It was a beautiful Friday in the province of Nova Scotia. The warm sunny weather we’ve had has dried out the province’s forests and there is an extreme forest fire index in most areas.

There is also currently a burn ban in much of Nova Scotia as well. This means that if you live in an area outlined in red on the following map you can’t have a backyard fire. This ban includes beach fires and the use of backyard appliances like chimineas.

If you are in a yellow zone, you may have a backyard fire after 7 pm. Be sure to check your municipal by-laws first.

The following are the burn restrictions in place for Friday, May 22. Check before you burn everytime.

There is ban on open fires in the woods or within 305 metres (1,000 feet) of the woods until June 1. This means no domestic brush burning is permitted.

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