Hurricane Emergency Supply List For Nova Scotia

Hurricane Dorian will hit Nova Scotia as a hurricane or strong tropical storm.  It is important to be prepared for hurricane conditions and extended power outages.  We have prepared a list of supplies to have on hand in order to survive for an extended time without services.

Check out Public Safety Canada’s Get Prepared site, and let them help you create your own personalized family emergency plan. It will highlight things to consider such as:

  • safe exits from home and neighbourhood
  • meeting places to reunite with family or roommates
  • designated person to pick up children should you be unavailable
  • contact persons (close-by and out-of-town)
  • health information
  • place for your pet to stay
  • risks in your region
  • location of your fire extinguisher, water valve, electrical box, gas valve and floor drain

Here is your list of items to have on hand for Hurricane Dorian:

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