How To Pronounce Nova Scotia Town Names

Nova Scotia has plenty of towns with names that have odd spellings and pronunciations. Those who live there sometimes say their town’s name completely different than the rest of us.  Sometimes everyone is saying it plain wrong. How do you pronounce odd Nova Scotia town names?

Sarah of Halifax, Mom of Percy Doodle (one of our Top Instafamous Dogs of NS), had a great tweet that got us and the Twitterverse speaking Nova Scotia twang.

There are plenty of others such as Musquodoboit and Antigonish. Do you say (an-tee-gon-ish) or (an-tig-on-ish) or is it pronounced a different way?

The town of Truro, Adam’s Dad says (tah-roar-oh)

There are plenty of others.  Get in on the Facebook and Twitter discussion.

What do you think?

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