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Hollywood Celebrities Are Sharing This Nova Scotia Cartoonist’s Latest Political Sketch

You have likely heard of Michael de Adder, maybe you even own his book of cartoons, You Might Be From Nova Scotia If, or his other book You Might STILL Be From Nova Scotia If…

While Hollywood celebrities likely don’t know Michael de Adder from the editorial pages of local newspapers like we do, they certainly gave two thumbs up to his latest political cartoon, but didn’t give credit!

Jennifer Aniston, with 35.7 million Instagram followers shared de Adder’s cartoon on her Instagram story. Aniston is better known as Rachael from the sitcom Friends and her many Hollywood roles.

Melissa McCarthy known for her roles in Bridesmaids and Gilmore Girls, shared de Adder’s cartoon to her following of 8.9 million on Instagram and garnered over half a million likes.

The cartoon was published after Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump. It features Republican John McCain and Democrat John Lewis giving a fist bump on a cloud with angel wings and halos above them.

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