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He’s Back! Great White Shark Swimming The Waters Off Nova Scotia

Brunswick the great white shark has returned to the waters off Nova Scotia for another summer. He is a regular off our coast this time of year and has made his return earlier than last.

He also gets around. Last summer he circumnavigated the entire province from the Bay of Fundy, to the east coast and the waters off Cape Breton. In the fall he visited the Northumberland Strait. Currently he’s stalking the waters between the mainland and Sable Island.

A great white shark’s diet consists mainly of seal, so you can sleep easy and continue to visit our newly opened beaches. It is fairly rare that they attack humans. The last unconfirmed fatal shark attack in Nova Scotia was over 128 years ago in August 1891.

In a tweet on May 28, OCEARCH tweeted about Brunswick, “You can’t be that surprised that I’m heading back to Canada I had such a good time there last year! Halifax is a great city and the Canadian people are super friendly! Their seals are delicious too!”

OCEARCH tagged 11 great white sharks off our province during Expedition Nova Scotia in 2019.

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