Halifax Stadium Update: Schooners Claim Province Was Looking At Partially Covering Bond To Cover Costs

Schooner Sports and Entertainment owner, Gary Drummond phoned The Rod Pedersen Show yesterday to talk about the status of the Atlantic Schooners and Halifax’s potential stadium.

The Schooners aren’t the only ones looking for money at this time. The CFL is currently looking for up to $150 million in financial assistance due to COVID-19. CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie says the league needs $30 million now and up to $120 million additional if the whole season is a loss.

Schooner Sports and Entertainment said they remain committed to bringing a CFL franchise to Halifax. The face of the operation recently jumped ship to work with the Ottawa Senators. Anthony LeBlanc, who was a founding partner of Schooner Sports and Entertainment will remain with the Schooners, but in a smaller role according to The Canadian Press.

“The departure isn’t a major setback.” said Drummond in his appearance on The Rod Pedersen Show.

The Schooners believe government will be looking for ways to stimulate the economy when we come of out COVID-19. “I think, infrastructure construction is one of the better ways.” Drummond told the show.

According to Drummond, they were progressing really well with the Province on partially covering a bond for the remaining costs. They had an important meeting scheduled for March 18, but COVID-19 happened.

“I’m very optimistic, once we can get back on track to present our case, I think we’ll be an ideal candidate to get the type of backing we need to build a stadium and move forward.” Drummond said.

Where would a stadium go? Many are speculating that after the Shannon Park site in Dartmouth was rejected by Halifax, that a new site in Dartmouth’s Woodside may be in the books.

He pointed out that Atlantic Canada’s demographics are similar to the prairie provinces. “We really believe there is a lot of interest and a lot of demand.”

His point is mostly true. The CFL’s Touchdown Atlantic 2020 sold out the day tickets went on sale to the public.  Touchdown Atlantic will feature the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Toronto Argonauts at Huskie Stadium in Halifax on July 25th.

The game has yet to be postponed due to COVID-19.

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