Halifax Public Libraries Just Broke A Record

It may have not be a Guinness Record, but Halifax Public Libraries joined a worldwide club and broke a record of it’s own during the pandemic.

According to OneDrive, the leading digital reading platform, Nova Scotia’s largest library system exceeded one million ebook and audiobook checkouts during 2020. They are mentioned alongside leaders such as the Los Angeles Public Library, New York Public Library and Toronto Library.

According to Halifax Public Libraries, they had 1,418,407 digital checkouts in the 2020 calendar year. That was more digital checkouts than ever before for the libraries.

During the pandemic, the Library allowed new members to sign up for a digital library card online. Over 10,000 people registered from April until December last year giving them access to the Halifax Regional Library’s vast digital collections.

Anyone in Nova Scotia can stream, borrow magazines and ebooks from Halifax Public Libraries. The best part… it’s free!

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