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Halifax Apartment Tenant Frustrated With Ongoing Leak And Response From Landlord

Tiffany Gilkie of Halifax, NS alleges she has been living with flooding issues and water damage in the Halifax apartment that she shares with her 7 year old son since November.

According to Gilkie, she uses a dish tray to direct water into her shower from the ceiling fan in her bathroom which leaks when it rains. In a video uploaded to Facebook there is visible water damage on the walls and a considerable leak. She says there is mold growing as well.

VIDEO: Tiffany Gilkie’s Apartment

This is Tiffs apartment in spryfield…this has been happening for 2 months now…water damage in the walls and floor…for 2 months this has been happening every time it rains. She has had many people in looking at it,she has sent pictures and videos….and still nothing has been done…shes been told its the roof and now they say it's a toilet leak above….imagine…do they think people are stupid?? So the toilet only leaks when it's raining???

Posted by Denise Gray Gilkie on Friday, January 14, 2022

Tiffany Gilkie says her landlord is MetCap Living. The company has over 40 Nova Scotia properties listed on their website. According to Gilkie, she has reached out to her building manager on numerous occasions and has made contact with head office to try and resolve this issue.

When asked if she felt safe in her apartment with the incoming storm, Gilkie replied, “Honestly no. Water is gathering in the ceiling of the bathroom and it could come down at any point.”

She says MetCap Living has taken pictures of the damage, but after for almost two months in these conditions she is fed up.

Gilkie says she overheard one contractor say the building needed a new roof and another say the damage is caused by a leaky toilet. She says she has ruled out the leaky toilet because the leak is only an issue when it rains.

Gilkie, a single mother to her son is looking for MetCap Living to address her issues for the health and safety of her family.

Nova Scotia Buzz reached out to MetCap Living and within an hour, we were contacted by both them and Gilkie who each reported a patch had been applied to the roof.

Angie Craig, MetCap Living’s Regional Director of Operations in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick said in a statement to Nova Scotia Buzz the first complaint from the resident was received in December.

Craig said they contacted their roofing contractor who made a repair on December 23 and they understood the matter to be resolved and the resident agreed. Gilkie objects to this and says she didn’t agree that it was repaired in December. She claims to have contacted MetCap Living first on November 30 and five times via text in December.

In her e-mail to Nova Scotia Buzz, Craig says at the beginning of January the resident made contact again to report the leak had returned. MetCap Living again contacted their roofing contractor and a repair was made earlier today, January 14. Gilkie said she contacted MetCap three times via text message in January.

Angie Craig at MetCap Living says they will continue to monitor the situation and make any repairs that are necessary.

Gilkie says as the storm has picked up tonight the ceiling is dripping again.

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