Great White Sharks Have Returned To Nova Scotia’s Summer Waters

A great white shark dubbed Helena and likely others have returned to the waters off Nova Scotia for the summer. She is a regular off our coast and last made a visit that can be tracked back to 2019.

Helena gets around. Last fall she was in the waters off Georgia and Florida. In the winter she spent time in the Gulf of Mexico. Her tracker pinged a satellite with her location off the coast of Nova Scotia the morning of June 5, 2021.

When tagged in 2019, Helena was a sub adult, 12.5 feet in length and weighed in at just under 2,000 lbs.

A great white shark’s diet consists mainly of seal, so you can sleep easy and continue to visit our beaches. It is fairly rare for sharks to attack humans. The last unconfirmed fatal shark attack in Nova Scotia was over 128 years ago in August 1891.

In recent summers, during their expeditions, OCEARCH has tagged numerous great white sharks off the coast of Nova Scotia.

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