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Gasoline Prices To Drop Below 70 Cents Per Litre At Midnight

Gas prices are going down again tonight in Nova Scotia. Many aren’t driving as much as they normally would because lots of people are working from home or not working at all. But if you’ve been taking lots of scenic drives to pass the time, you might want to wait until tomorrow to fill up.

Also, take precautions when filling your tank. Gas pump handles are a great way to contract germs on a normal day. During the COVID-19 outbreak, use a plastic bag to cover the handle and press the buttons on the pump. If you don’t have one, most gas stations provide paper towel at the pumps.

Last week we saw a drop of 7.8 cents per litre at the pumps. This week we’re predicting another drop, but not quite as much.

Gas prices in Halifax will be around 66.6 cents per litre after we see what will be about a 5 cents per litre drop.

Prices outside of the city in areas like Yarmouth, Amherst, Antigonish and Sydney will be a little higher.

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