Frankie MacDonald Is A Certified Hit – His Action Figure Is Sold Out After 500 Sales In August

Cape Breton amateur weatherman, Frankie MacDonald, tells it like it is and isn’t shy about sharing the success of his action figure and other merchandise.

“Five hundred Frankie MacDonald Action Figures sold in August, 2020,” Frankie told Nova Scotia Buzz.

“Frankie MacDonald Action Figures can be compared to Captain America, Ironman, The Green Lantern and other superheroes.”

When they do become available again, Frankie suggests you get them fast, because they’re bound to be a hot gift this Christmas season.

You can get Frankie MacDonald Action figures when they come back in stock!

Lost Cod Clothing Co. out of Halifax produces a line of Frankie MacDonald clothing which features Frankie’s famous saying, “Be Prepared.”

If you’ve spotted Frankie around Sydney or in his YouTube videos, he’s often seen sporting his Be Prepared clothing. It’s available in both men’s and women’s styles.

Purchase Frankie MacDonald clothing from Lost Cod Clothing Co.

This isn’t Frankie’s first business venture. Frankie has had many Bobblehead versions of himself sold through the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame. A sold out version featured him in a MacDonald Clan tartan kilt.

On sale right now is Frankie’s talking bobblehead. A portion of the proceeds benefit Frankie and Autism Canada.

You can purchase your talking Frankie MacDonald Bobbleheads through The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame website.

This other piece of Frankie merchandise was hot under the tree last Christmas. Be Prepared! The Frankie MacDonald Guide to Life, the Weather and Everything, had Frankie MacDonald signing copies for his fans at bookstores on Cape Breton Island.

Ever wonder where clouds come from? Or how meteorologists predict the weather? The book stars Frankie MacDonald, and is written by author Sarah Sawler. It shares stories from Frankie’s early years and facts about all things sunny, rainy, snowy, and stormy. It’s filled with pictures, graphics, and advice from Frankie himself.

The book is a must have on your shelf. You can purchase it on Amazon

We asked Cape Breton’s number one forecaster who his favourite meteorologist was and his quick response was fellow Nova Scotian, Chris St. Clair on The Weather Network.

The Frankie MacDonald merchandise success could be attributed to his online videos. He has 254,000 subscribed to his YouTube channel and has had 40 million views. He has 239,000 followers on Instagram and almost 123,000 followers on Twitter.

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