Forest Fire Index In Nova Scotia Is Extreme In Some Areas – And It’s Only Forecast To Get Worse

The forest fire index in Nova Scotia currently ranges from high to extreme. A number of brush fires were fought today and are currently being fought in the province.

Tomorrow. the fire index is forecast to be even higher and hit extreme in many new areas. With no rain in sight and warmer temperatures, this is the likely the new normal for the next week or so.

There is a current ban on brush burning and beach fires in the province. Backyard appliances like chimineas and fire pits are permitted if conditions allow from 7pm until midnight. Be sure to check municipal by-laws first in your location before lighting up.

Be sure to monitor updates as the situation worsens.

The index is EXTREME for areas in Queen, Annapolis and Kings Counties.

It’s generally VERY HIGH for areas in western and central Nova Scotia including the south shore.

The index is HIGH for eastern and northern Nova Scotia including Cape Breton.

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