Hurricane Dorian Created 100 Foot Wave In Canadian Waters

It may seem like a scene from the Perfect Storm, but Hurricane Dorian created a 100 a foot wave in the Atlantic Ocean off Newfoundland while it pounded the region with wind and rain.  To put this in perspective, 100 feet is the equivalent of an 8 story building.  If verified, this will match the highest wave during the Perfect Storm in 1991.

The Marine Institute at Memorial University was tracking wave heights with buoys offshore and the 100 foot wave was the highest recorded, although many reached 75 feet.  There may have been even higher waves, but only 10 minutes of data is relayed every hour.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in Halifax today along with members of his Cabinet, surveying damage and supporting the troops assisting in the clean up. They promised the full assistance of the Federal Government in the recovery from Dorian.

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