Did You Catch Comet Neowise Last Night? It Was Quite The Site In Nova Scotia’s Sky – See It Tonight

Weather depending, you may be able to see Comet Neowise tonight if you haven’t had the chance yet. Your best time to view may be later this week when the comet will be at its brightest.

Comets pass earth fairly often, but this one is visible with the naked eye.

Check out the northwest sky 45 minutes to an hour after sunset. Neowise will be with the Big Dipper just above the horizon as twilight fades into darkness.

Photo: Aaron MacKay – Watching the Neowise comet and listening to the waves crash. Pictou Co. (Facebook)

Comet Hale Bop came by our skies in 23 years ago and was visible for over one and a half years. Neowise won’t be visible as long, so catch a glimpse while you can! It won’t be back for 6,800 years!

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