Dartmouth’s Desto Binz Brings New Concept To Discount Shopping In Nova Scotia

Desto Binz has entered the Halifax Market place in an effort to revolutionize the re-sale of returned merchandise. The discount and liquidation store has been up and running for over a month and competing with established returned merchandise auction houses. Instead of auctioning the returned items, Desto Binz is unique to the marketplace and offers a one-of-a-kind pricing structure. It has quickly become s destination for bargain hunters and savvy shoppers.

How Desto Binz Works

Desto Binz introduced an innovative pricing strategy that keeps customers on their toes. All items in the store’s bins are initially priced at $25 and decrease in price as the week progresses to a low of $3. This progressive markdown system guarantees that shoppers can find great deals, with prices dropping every day.

Desto Binz, 590 Portland Street Dartmouth – Photo: Facebook

Unlike traditional retail stores, Desto Binz specializes in selling returned merchandise, providing customers with the opportunity to snag items at significantly reduced prices. The store’s diverse inventory includes a wide range of products such as electronics, clothing, small appliances, and much more. This ever-changing selection ensures that each visit to Desto Binz is a unique shopping experience.

The heart of Desto Binz is its wooden bins, where countless deals and unique finds await discovery. With each passing day, the decreasing prices create a sense of anticipation among shoppers eager to snag the best deal.

While the wooden bins offer incredible value, Desto Binz also caters to customers looking for higher-end items such as high end watches, jewelry, mobile phones and higher-end electronics than what is found in the bins. The store features a section with products marked 30-80% off the suggested retail prices. This exclusive section appeals to those seeking premium goods at unbeatable prices.

The store has learned customer buying habits and adjusted the days it restocks items accordingly.

If you’re in search of a bargain or an unexpected treasure, head to Desto Binz at 590 Portland Street in Dartmouth. With its ever-changing selection and unbeatable prices, this discount and liquidation store is quickly becoming a local favorite.

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