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Costco Now Delivers To Areas of Nova Scotia & Cape Breton

On March 2nd, Costco announced via their Facebook Page that they have expanded two day delivery to the majority of Canadians.

Wholesale members in many communities across Nova Scotia including areas around Sydney, Cape Breton can now receive deliveries to their door of non-perishable goods if they are in a delivery zone.

Here are the delivery zones:

This is great news for members in areas far from the warehouses in need of goods like Kirkland toilet paper, a huge jug of Tide laundry detergent or even maple syrup.  Costco has your back all the way to your door.

Orders over $75 before tax will not be subject to a delivery fee. Service is also limited to weekdays.

Avoid the lineups and shop from the comfort of home!  Click here for more info!

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