Can’t Really Blame Them – 53% Of Atlantic Canadians Say 2020 Was The Worst Year Of Their Lives

Many may say that 2020 can’t get any worse.

From the COVID-19 pandemic to the mass shooting in Nova Scotia, 2020 has been a year of turmoil for many.

How bad was 2020? In a recent survey, polling firm Leger and the Association For Canadian Studies teamed up and asked Canadians, up until now, is 2020 the worst year you’ve ever lived?

Fifty three percent of Atlantic Canadians felt that 2020 was the worst year they had ever lived, compared to a slightly lower national average of 50%.

When asked which events characterized 2020 as being the worst year of their lives. Here is how Atlantic Canadians responded:

  • Death of a loved one – 46%
  • Personal problems (stress, anxiety, uncertainty about the future, etc.) – 48%
  • Depression – 26%
  • Separation, breakup, divorce – 23%
  • Illness of a relative or loved one – 32%
  • Personal illness – 20%
  • Family problems (fertility problems, bickering, etc.) – 13%
  • Job loss – 10%
  • Serious personal accident – 4%
  • Serious accident of a relative or loved one – 3%
  • Natural disaster (e.g. loss of home due to flooding or landslide) – 2%
  • Other – 6%

Also in the survey, they asked Atlantic Canadians what is the likelihood that, over the next three months, we will go back to a pandemic lockdown, with business closures and stay-at-home orders?

A staggering 69% of Atlantic Canadians feel that it’s very likely or somewhat likely that we will have business closures and stay-at-home orders.

What do you think?

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