Big Incentives Announced For Nova Scotia Doctors Who Take Patients From Family Doctor Waitlist

The Province of Nova Scotia is introducing significant incentives for family doctors to accept patients from the Need a Family Practice Registry, in an effort to improve healthcare accessibility for Nova Scotians. Under the new program, eligible physicians who accept patients with higher needs from the registry will receive substantial financial rewards.

Starting from July 1 until October 31, family doctors can participate in the incentive program. By accepting 50 patients with higher needs from the registry, these physicians will receive an incentive of $10,000. The program also offers an additional $200 for every extra patient accepted within the specified timeframe. However, patients must be registered with the practice or have a first appointment scheduled by December 31 to be eligible.

Starting from June 22, individuals on the Need a Family Practice Registry will have the option to include health additional health information in their profiles, which will be utilized to connect them with appropriate care options and doctors taking part in the new incentive program.

“We are very focused on increasing different ways for Nova Scotians to access care. It is important that people on the Registry are aware of every available opportunity.” said Karen Oldfield, CEO, Nova Scotia Health. “Our goal is to develop a system where people can get the right type of care for their needs, when and where they need it.”

Adding health information to the registry will be voluntary but will be integrated into the registration process moving forward. Nova Scotia Health will proactively reach out to all existing individuals on the list via email, letter, or phone to encourage them to update their health profiles. Online updates can be made at or by calling 1-833-941-0040.

The process for matching individuals on the registry with primary care providers outside of the incentive program remains unchanged. The registry will continue to be organized by community, and individuals will be listed in chronological order based on their registration dates.

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