Atlantic Canadians Wagered Almost Half A Million Dollars On American Election – ALC

Many Atlantic Canadians were glued to their TV sets last week watching the results come in from the American election. More than a few were hoping to make a quick dollar placing wagers on the outcome of Biden vs Trump through Atlantic Lottery’s Pro-Line.

Atlantic Canadians wagered to the tune of $463,000 on the election through Atlantic Lottery’s Pro-Line.

“The presidential election was a big topic of discussion across Atlantic Canada in the days and weeks leading up to the vote,” said Scott Eagles, manager of sports betting at Atlantic Lottery.

Here’s how Atlantic Canadians placed their bets:

Fifty-nine per cent of the total funds wagered were placed on Joe Biden winning the election. Sixty-six per cent of the money wagered expected Donald Trump to win the popular vote.

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“This election brought in more sales than any other single event in our history, with the exception of the Super Bowl. Sales were more than 15 times higher than they were for the 2016 U.S. election.”

This isn’t the first time Atlantic Lottery has offered novelty bets to its players. They have allowed bets on the 2016 presidential election, the Oscars, Grammys and the birth of the royal baby in 2019.

“Players have lots of different entertainment options today and we have to make sure our Pro-Line events offer something for everyone,” Eagles said. He added that Atlantic Lottery does not offer wagers on any Canadian elections.

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