An Inside Look At A Nova Scotia COVID-19 Testing Site And What To Expect

The following Nova Scotia COVID-19 assessment site is located at the Hugh Bell Service Centre, on The Nova Scotia Hospital site. It had formally been in the basement of The Dartmouth General Hospital, but according to staff we spoke with on the condition of anonymity, people coming in for testing were wandering through the halls.

What can you expect if you are required to get tested for COVID-19?

This would mean you have already used the governments online self-assessment tool located here. If you require testing, 811 will refer you to a testing center. Don’t go to a COVID-19 assessment centre unless 811 referred you.

They will pre-screen you at the testing centre with a series of questions, check your vitals and take your temperature. If that all checks out, you will then be swabbed for COVID-19.

The nurses and staff who work in these clinics take every precaution possible to maintain a sanitary environment including changing clothing on site. A Nova Scotia nurse posted the following on Instagram.

The best way to not require being tested is to self-isolate. Do not be in groups larger than 5 and maintain social distancing. Keep 6 feet between yourself and others. If you’ve been out of province you are required to isolate for 14 days upon return.

COVD-19 Assessment Centres locations:

Do NOT go to an assessment centre unless you have an appointment from 811.

Central Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality, Eastern Shore and West Hants areas)

  • Clayton Park Collaborative – Kearney Lake Family Practice
  • Halifax Infirmary
  • Hugh Bell Service Centre – Nova Scotia Hospita
  • Musquodoboit Valley Memorial Hospital

Eastern Nova Scotia (Cape Breton, Antigonish and Guysborough areas)

  • Lower Level, Health Park, Cape Breton Regional Hospital Site
  • Inverness Consolidated Memorial Hospital
  • Strait Richmond Hospital
  • St. Martha’s Regional Hospital

Northern Nova Scotia (Colchester, Cumberland, Pictou County, and East Hants areas)

  • Rath Eastlink Community Center
  • 34 Prince Arthur Street
  • East Side Health Centre, New Glasgow

Western Nova Scotia (Annapolis Valley, South West and South Shore areas)

  • Roseway Hospital
  • Gateway Plaza
  • South Shore Regional Hospital
  • Western Kings Memorial Health Centre
  • Yarmouth Regional Hospital

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