An Almost 11 Foot Great White Shark Just Appeared Off Peggy’s Cove

Photo credit: OCEARCH

If the dangerous waters weren’t reason for you to stay off the black rocks at Peggy’s Cove, maybe this will persuade you!

Teazer the 651 lb. great white shark is back in the waters off Nova Scotia after spending the winter off Florida. Teazer is named after a ghost ship that’s rumored to patrol Mahone Bay each year.

A great white shark’s diet consists mostly of seal meat, so continue to visit our beautiful beaches. It is fairly rare that they attack humans. In fact the last unconfirmed fatal shark attack in Nova Scotia was over 128 years ago in August 1891.

Teazer was tagged with a GPS tracking device by OCEARCH during their Expedition Nova Scotia in 2018. OCEARCH’s work started in 2012 and suggests Nova Scotia could be a potential mating site for the North Atlantic great white shark population.

Welcome back Teazer, we’re sure more of your great white friends will be back off the shores of Nova Scotia this summer.

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