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Alyse Hand Has Left Global TV’s Morning Show And Is Now In Business For Herself

A familiar warm face on Maritime television is beginning a new adventure. Alyse Hand, who was co-host of Global News Morning announced on social media that she is trading in blazers and dresses for a hoodie. She is going into business for herself.

“Thank you to everyone who’s followed my career and supported me over the years.” said Hand on social media. “The people I’ve met, and experiences I’ve had in my last 15 years as a broadcaster / communications professional have undoubtedly prepared me for this moment.”

Alyse is starting ON-Q Communications which is set to debut in early February.

“Leaving broadcasting behind was a tough decision, but I believe in taking risks in life, and in early January I decided to take the first step towards achieving a long-time dream of mine; become self-employed, and start a media training and on-air coaching business.” said Hand on Facebook.

“Broadcasting will always be a passion of mine, but coaching and showing people they can shine on TV, radio, (or any form of media) is what I feel like I was meant to do, and I am so happy to be doing work that challenges me and brings me so much joy.”

Alyse studied at NSCC and also worked with Eastlink and CTV Atlantic before joining Global TV.

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