UPDATE: Attention Those Living On Grand Lake With Well Water, Take Notice Of Latest Alert

Halifax area residents may have woke to an Emergency Alert in the early hours of Thursday morning telling them about a serious issue with the water quality at Grand Lake in HRM.

It advised residents to cease using water from the lake immediately. People are advised not to drink, not to bathe, not to cook with and not to boil the water.

Residents were informed animals have died and one resident has been admitted to hospital.

Early reports indicate there may be a dangerous algae bloom in the lake.

Homeowners with wells that are 30 metres or less deep and are located within 60 metres of Grand Lake should not use their well water for drinking, bathing or cooking until further notice. People should not boat or swim in the lake, and pets should not be allowed to swim in or drink the water.

Statement From Halifax Water

“In the early hours of Thursday, June 10, an Emergency Alert was sent by the Province of Nova Scotia that included a Do Not Consume Water/Do Not Use Water Order for residents who draw water directly from Grand Lake. Halifax Water did not issue this alert.” Halifax Water has said.

“Halifax Water wishes to inform our tap water customers that their water continues to be safe for normal use and consumption. Halifax Water operates three small water systems within the same watershed as Grand Lake: Bomont, Collins Park, and Bennery Lake. None of these systems draw water from Grand Lake. Halifax Water tap water remains safe for normal use and consumption throughout HRM.”

“Halifax Water monitors the quality of the water entering its systems and has not detected anything outside of normal safe drinking water limits.”

Similar Words From East Hants

East Hants had a similar message as Halifax Water.

“There is no current known risk to our East Hats Water Utility Customers.”

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