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Update: Snowbirds Plane Has Crashed In BC Neighbourhood. Capt. Jenn Casey Has Died, Another Seriously Injured

The scene on the ground in Kamloops, British Columbia where a snowbird has crashed.
Instagram – v1buster

A Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds jet crashed Sunday afternoon in Kamloops, British Columbia. The RCAF has confirmed one member has died and another has serious injuries.

Global News and News 95.7 are reporting that Captain Jenn Casey of Halifax, Nova Scotia was the victim.

This is the second crash in less than a year involving the famous Snowbirds.

In a video posted online the plane climbs into the air with another but then flys up in what appears to be an effort to return to the airport. The occupants ejected before the plane hit the ground.

Video has emerged online of what would appear to be a Snowbirds member being rescued from a house rooftop.

“A Canadian Forces Snowbirds aircraft has crashed in the vicinity of Kamloops, B.C.,” the Department of National Defence said in a statement.

“This is a developing situation. Our number one priority at this time is determining the status of our personnel, the community and supporting emergency personnel. When appropriate, more information will be made available.”

The Snowbirds were performing during Opperation Inspiration, a cross country tour during the COVID-19 pandemic. They flew over Nova Scotia just days ago.

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