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A Maud Lewis Painting Just Sold At Auction And Broke A World Record For Her Art

Left: Maud Lewis (Wikicommons), Right: Record Breaking Maud Lewis Painting (Bezanson Auctioneering Centre)

Today, Maud Lewis is world renowned for her art work. It’s sought by collectors far and wide. Nova Scotia was Lewis’ home and it happens to be where one of her pieces just recently sold at auction for a record price.

Lewis’ paintings were inspired by childhood memories of the people and landscapes around Yarmouth, South Ohio and Digby. Some of her paintings were of flowers or animals like oxen, horses, birds, deer, or cats. Many of her paintings were of outdoor scenes, including Cape Island boats, horses pulling a sleigh, skaters, and portraits of dogs, cats, deer, birds, and cows.

It’s not uncommon for Maud Lewis paintings to sell for more than $50,000, but that includes an auction house premium. On November 6 in Victoria Vale, NS, just outside of Middleton a work of Lewis’ broke the highest price at hammer drop and the auction house didn’t charge a premium.

When Bezanson Auctioneering Center in Victoria Vale hit their hammer that day and said “sold $45,500” it was the highest hammer price, not only in Nova Scotia, but in the world for work by Maud Lewis. The previous highest hammer price for her work was $45,000 at an auction in Ontario.

Oh my, what a day! I just talked with the proud new owner of the Maud Lewis painting and he gave me permission to advertise the selling price. It sold for $45,500.00. We’re very proud of our auction house!

Posted by Laurie Bent Bezanson on Saturday, November 6, 2021

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