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A Decent Drop At The Pumps Tonight For Nova Scotians – You Will Want To Fill Up Tomorrow

Nova Scotians are in for a decent drop at the fuel pumps tonight with both the price of gasoline and diesel falling.

Gasoline will see the larger drop and it’s enough that you will want to fill tomorrow if your gas gauge is nearing empty.

Right now, in the Halifax region, regular self-serve gasoline is selling for 156.1 cents per litre and diesel is selling for 243.5 cents per litre.

At midnight tonight you can expect a drop of 6.2 cents per litre in the price of gas and a drop of 1.6 cents per litre in the price of diesel.

When you wake in the morning expect the price of regular self-serve gas in Halifax to be 149.9 cents per litre and the price of diesel to be 241.9 cents per litre. Price will be slightly higher outside of Halifax.

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