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A Concerned Woman Saw This In A Giant Tiger Changing Room In Lower Sackville

TikTok user @kaitlynmharrison was reportedly in the changing room at Giant Tiger in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia when she noticed something she says was alarming.

“I was pantless in a fitting room when I looked up and gasped…” she posted on TikTok.

@kaitlynmharrison I WAS PANTLESS IN A FITTING ROOM WHEN I LOOKED UP AND GASPED LIKE IM SORRRRYYY??? #lowersackville #gianttiger #novascotia #halifax #surveillancevideo #camera #fittingrooms #sackville ♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo

Multiple cameras are clearly visible on the ceiling of the store from inside the changing room.

She asked for someone to please explain so we reached out to Giant Tiger.

“We have strict policies surrounding camera placement in our stores and can confirm that the cameras in our Lower Sackville store and in all of stores do not have sight lines into the change rooms.” said Aaron Wade, Director of Customer Communications for Giant Tiger Stores Limited.

The view in @kaitlynmharrison’s TikTok video.(TikTok)

“At Giant Tiger the safety and security of our customers and staff is our top priority.  We encourage anyone with questions or concerns they may have while shopping in any of our stores to reach out to (sic) the manager directly who can answer any questions they may have.”

So rest easy shoppers and don’t worry. You are not being watched while changing at Giant Tiger as much as TikTok users may think they are.

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