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14 Pound Lobster Caught Off Nova Scotia

There are some large lobsters caught off Nova Scotia, but the largest caught so far this year and processed by Ryer & Ryer Lobster in Indian Harbour, near Peggy’s Cove is pictured above.

They’ve seen some big ones in the past, but so far this 14 pound giant is the largest by far this year.

Our photo is courtesy of Peter Steeper who visited Ryer & Ryer today where they were busy grading lobsters.  Catches are great this year with the quality above average.

The first day of the lobster season, known as Dumping Day, was on November 26th for the southern and western shores. It went off without any major incidents to note.  This is one of the most dangerous days of the lobster season as everyone is in a rush to set their traps and get the catch to market

Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans said in the 2018-19 season, fishermen in this region landed 28,753 tonnes of lobster worth approximately $513 million.

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