You May Have Heard Of Wine Fairies For Women, But Now Nova Scotia Has Beer Buddies For Men

Guys, you’ll like this one… free beer!

Ladies, share this one with your husbands. Men rest assured, you haven’t been forgotten about. Many people have heard of the new craze called wine fairies. It’s when women secretly gift another with a wine or another beverage and things like chocolate, flowers and candy.

Well, it has evolved into beer buddies for men. There is a group on Facebook for the province that is taking off called Nova Scotia Beer Buddies.

If you’re a guy who likes beer and wouldn’t mind a surprise on your door step feel free to join the group and follow the instructions. Perhaps a buddy will find you and surprise you with a 12-pack and something like a frozen pizza.

Be sure to state what kind of beer you like, Keith’s, Bud, craft or whatever you choose. Someone in your area may find you and give you a gift you can truly enjoy. If a buddy finds you, be sure to repay the kindness and gift someone else.

The funny part is, the group is run by two women.

What do you think?

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