You Get Fresh Lobster Plus All-You-Can-Eat Mussels & Chowder At This Local Restaurant

Baddeck Lobster Suppers is located at 17 Ross Street in Baddeck, Nova Scotia.

In the tiny and historic village of Baddeck you’ll find one of our favourite restaurants in Nova Scotia when it comes to bargain for your buck.

Priced at $50, Baddeck Lobster Supper’s all-you-can-eat option is one that every person visiting Baddeck needs to try at least once. It consists of your choice of main, unlimited lite-fare and dessert is always changing. If all-you-can-eat isn’t your thing, you can purchase everything individually too! We’re going to share a big tip for ordering below.

All you can eat mussels & chowder, a full lobster, snow crab and steak await.

Baddeck Lobster Suppers has a menu that features of four main plates. Locally fished lobster, fire planked Atlantic salmon, Cape Breton snow crab and grilled strip loin steak.

Lite-fare includes locally sourced Cape Breton mussels steamed with white wine and garlic, served with melted butter. They also offer amazing seafood chowder with potatoes, haddock, pollock, scallops and shrimp, in a lighter milk based broth.

If you go for the salmon, in the summer months you can even watch your meal be cooked over their open flame fire pit.

Dessert is always changing, but we had apple crisp and it was up there with the better crisps we’ve had.

Our tip is ordering your main course of lobster, salmon, snow crab or steak to begin. You can then enjoying as much of the lite-fare as possible. The kitchen told us we were the first to ever think of this and made us quite proud!

Baddeck Lobster Suppers usually opens in early June for the season, but due to COVID-19 their plans may be on hold a little. Stay tuned to their website for updates. Nova Scotia will hopefully loosen restrictions in the coming month and we hope it permits restaurants like this to open.

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