You’re A True Nova Scotian If You’ve Yelled “Sociable!” In These Five Halifax Pubs

Many pubs have come and gone in Downtown Halifax. There are some mainstays and a few of those are on this list along with a couple of newer ones. “Sociable” is how Nova Scotians say “cheers” when clanging glasses. It is a word that often gets said when having a time. If you have yelled “Sociable!” in these five Halifax pubs, you are a true Nova Scotian.

1) The Lower Deck

The Lower Deck – 1887 Upper Water Street

A night out in Halifax is not complete without a trip to The Lower Deck. The pub features live music and patio parties during the summer months. Any day of the year is a great time catch your favourite east coast bands inside. You haven’t experienced a night out in Halifax unless you have raised your glass and yelled “Sociable” inside this pub’s ironstone walls.

2) Halifax Alehouse

Halifax Alehouse – 1717 Brunswick Street

One of the best places to start a Halifax bar hop is the Halifax Alehouse… it’s all downhill from here. Literally, because the other pubs on this list are all located down the hill from the Halifax Alehouse. The pub has taken great measures and time to create an atmosphere that remembers the past. From their historic building which was built in 1893 to their unique and distinctive uniforms, when you visit the Halifax Alehouse you step into historic Halifax.

#3) Split Crow Pub

Split Crow Pub – 1855 Granville Street

The Split Crow Pub’s heritage goes all the way back to 1749 when Mr. John Shippey was granted the first liquor license in Nova Scotia. The pub was then called The Double Eagle but shortly after became known as The Split Crow. The Split Crow is known for their Power Hours and endless trays of beer that you can order. They also feature local east coast musicians many nights of the week and weekend matinees.

#4) Durty Nelly’s

Durty Nelly’s – 1645 Argyle Street

Durty Nelly’s claim to fame is it’s an authentic traditional Irish pub. The pub’s bar was actually crafted in Ireland and shipped to Halifax. Durty Nelly’s is a great place to spend any afternoon or evening. On St. Patrick’s Day their doors typically open at 7:00am and has included free Irish breakfast in the past. In the summer the pub located on the corner of Argyle and Sackville Streets offers a patio on each side. Great food and entertainment is found within the walls.

#5) The Old Triangle Irish Alehouse

The Old Triangle Irish Alehouse – 1536 Prince Street

The Old Triangle opened it’s doors at the corner of Prince Street and Bedford Row in 2000. They offer a large assortment of 22 draught beers to holler “Sociable!” with as you enjoy their live music. Their Irish pub features entertainment many nights of the week and has never had a cover charge. This is also a hot spot on St. Patrick’s Day with a lineup to enter in the wee hours of the morning. They ask you visit for a memorable occasion and experience, “Food for the Body, Drink for the Spirit and Music for the Soul.”

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