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Top 10 Halifax Bars That Are Gone But Their Legends Live On

#1 The Misty Moon

Likely to go down in history as the most talked about Halifax nightclub, The Misty Moon was open from 1969 through 1994. It was first located on Gottingen Street, moved to Kempt Road and then Downtown to 1593 Barrington Street where it stayed until it closed. The bar hosted some big names through its days and regulars like Matt Minglewood and Sam Moon would take to the stage. In 1990 The Tragically Hip filmed a concert there.

#2 J.J. Rossy’s

Known for their outrageously cheap drink specials, for a couple of bucks back in the day you could have one heck of a night at J.J. Rossy’s which was owned by  Joey, Jimmy and Dave Ross. The bar had three floors and a patio. The more than occasional fight was known to break out at the bar. J.J. Rossy’s closed in the early 2000’s due to financial troubles.

#3 Jerry’s Pub

Popular with students in the evening and downtown workers during the day for their food, Jerry’s Pub was connected to The Palace and located in what is today the Halifax Alehouse.

#4 Merrill’s

Merrill’s was housed in what was originally the Merrill Lynch building of Halifax. The bar was smokey and the VLT machines always full. It was a good spot to go on a Friday night to dance and their drink specials started early on Saturday. Since closing the building housed Elephant and Castle and today is the home of Pacifico.

#5 The Palace

The Palace was located on Brunswick Street and at one time attached to Jerry’s Pub. It was a bumpin’ place to be if you were a student and many nights ended here after trips to other pubs and bars. The Palace had a cabaret license which permitted it to stay open until 3:30 AM.

#6 Peddler’s Pub

Peddler’s Pub opened in 1980 and quickly became known for their cheap drinks. It was particularly popular on Saturday afternoons in it’s heyday for it’s matinee which continued until it closed it’s doors in about 2010.

#7 Copper Penny

The Copper Penny was located in Clayton Park where a second location of The Lower Deck now resides. It was known to be a bit rough around the edges and fights would break out. After the Copper Penny the bar was known for a brief time as Winston’s

#8 Pogue Fado

Pogue Fado was popular with the student crowd when it opened in the early 2000’s. It lasted for a few years and was one of the top places to be on St. Patrick’s Day. They had live music many nights of the week and a popular trivia night. Wings were only 25 cents every weeknight.

#9 Alexander’s

The 1980’s were a time of cheap draught Downtown. The era was known as Draught Wars with pubs competing to win your business. At Alexanders they had 40 cents beers beginning at 4’oclock and 50 cents beers beginning at 5 o’clock.

#10 The Thirsty Duck

The Thirsty Duck was located on Spring Garden Road and closed in late 2007. It was located in what is now Mexicali Rosas.

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