TIMELINE: Roll Up The Rim Has Started, But Wasn’t It Cancelled?

Roll Up The Rim at Tim Hortons has began and people are asking, wasn’t the promotion cancelled? Here is your answer and history to the events that have unfolded.


Tim Hortons announced in late February that they would be giving away reusable mugs as part of the Roll Up The Rim promotion and giving three digital roll ups for using your reusable mug. This was an effort to make Canadians and the promotion more environmentally friendly.

On March 6, Tim Horton’s announced they would not be using reusable mugs in an effort to protect their customers and employees from Coronavirus. They also scraped the free mug giveaway.

One day later, on March 7, Canada’s coffee giant announced that they would be scrapping Roll Up The Rim paper cups too in order to protect against Coronavirus. They didn’t want people handing in rims that have been in their mouths, who’s to blame them. But why did it take Coronavirus for this to be realized as gross?

To top it all off on March 10, McDonald’s announced via Twitter that they were extending their $1 coffee promotion.

So is Roll Up The Rim Happening?  Well… yes, and no.  It is supposed to be offered in digital format only, but reports say some restaurants accidentally gave out Roll Up The Rim promotion cups. Some stores are also not equipped to accept the new Roll Up The Rim app.

So as you can see Tim Horton’s hasn’t been having much luck with the roll out of Roll Up The Rim this year. Hopefully you’ll get to play and win.

Tim Hortons hasn’t been having much luck with sales of late and reports from their Brazilian parent company say sales are slumping at the coffee giant.

One reason may be is customers now have a choice to visit other restaurents for a good cup of coffee. Take Liam “Lil Caper” MacLeod from North Sydney who posted this rant about Tim Horton’s Coffee versus McDonald’s premium roast coffee online. He makes it pretty clear where his loyalty lies.

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