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This Nova Scotia Pizza Place Just Had Their Pizza Named One The Best In Canada

Pizza is a touchy subject in our province. Everyone has their favourite place and will go to the ends of the earth to defend it. Then you have Pictou County where everyone thinks their unique pizza is the best ever created.

There is one pizza place in Nova Scotia that deserves honourable mention because it was just called out in a National pizza contest.

La Pizza Week is put on by Saputo, Sysco and Doordash. It just named the Donair Pogo Lovers Pizza by Echo Pizza in Lake Echo, N.S. as a judges choice in the national competition.

“A delicious 12” donair pizza made with our in-house donair pogos & fresh pizza dough.” is how Echo Pizza describes their creation. “Topped with hand-cut tomato, onion & green pepper. Finished with a melt in your mouth Saputo mozzarella & yellow cheddar, as well as a large cup of donair sauce on the side!”

Echo Pizza was the only place east of Quebec to rank nationally for La Pizza Week.

What do you think?

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