The NSLC Is Selling Limited Edition Beer “Kissed By The Stanley Cup”

The 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs have arrived and Nova Scotia hockey fans have been cheering their favourite team as they journey toward Lord Stanley’s Cup. Many people grow up playing on backyard rinks dreaming of one day hoisting the Cup and celebrating with the ritual of drinking from it.

Well, that dream has come one step closer because the NSLC is now selling special 6-packs of Molson Canadian that have been “kissed by the Cup.”

Accompanied by the Cup’s keeper, Phil Pritchard and following strict sanitization standards, some of the batch was passed through the top bowl of The Cup during the brewing process.

“Drinking from the Cup is a special moment for players. Yet sharing that feeling with the fans has never been done before, until now. The Stanley Cup Batch takes the passion Canadians have for our game and our beer to the next level.” said Joy Ghosh, Senior Brand Director for the Molson family of brands.

The Molson Canadian Stanley Cup Batch is available in unique, specially designed 6-pack bottles similar to the Stanley Cup and its travel flight case at select NSLC locations, while supplies last.

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